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Coax Antenna question

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Subject: Coax Antenna question
From: (Alfred J. Frugoli)
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 00:23:44 +0000
Someone wrote and was qoted in a summary:

In response to your request for a 'QUICKIE 160 ANTENNA' let me
point you to an article in the August 1984 CQ.....

It is the W4TWW Coaxial Inverted "L"......

What it is, is 88 feet of RG-58 and 37 feet of twin lead (300 or 450

First question, will this antenna hold up to legal limit?  

Next comes 88 feet of RG58 with a BNC connector on one end....(plugs 
the adapter)...on the other end, the center and shield are tied together 

to both sides of the twinlead.....the other end of the 37 feet of 
are shorted together....

Couldn't a single wire be used?  Or does the twinlead increase 


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