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Wetlands anchors

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Subject: Wetlands anchors
From: (Paul & Abbi Elliott)
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 11:38:11 -0800
The last time this subject came up I didn't say anything because there are a
lot more qualified people out there than I.  I am, among other things, a
retired engineer--not mechanical, but was a project engineer on construction
projects. One of these projects was the building of a large storage tank
battery on a landfill site on the New Jersey coast.  This landfill wouldn't
even support the weight of an ordinary drinking water fountain, much less
tanks, pipes, etc.  The solution--drive piles, under everything, into the
stable layer below the landfill--not cheap.  There may be other less drastic
solutions for your problem of which I am not aware.

If you place concrete blocks anchors in soil that is not stable, into soil
that will deform ("cold flow") under the stress imposed by the weight of the
block, the geometry of your installation will change with time--and if the
soil characteristics can change significantly with rain, change of water
table, etc, the results could quickly be catastrophic.

If you want a stable installation, it must be anchored to something stable. 

Good luck.         73 Paul Elliott W5DM

"Nature understands no jesting.  She is always right.  The errors and
omissions are always those of man."

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