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Subject: FT1000MP SERIAL NO.
From: (Ed-W4EP)
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 00:10:36 +0000
At 14:23 1/28/97 CST, you wrote:
>I am buying a used FT1000mp and was wondering if there are any mods for
>them and if anything can be told by the serial number?
>This has a serial no. of 5j020079

Call the factory and ask for John in service. He owns an MP. It will be
worth the $2.

Secondly, I just bought an MP about a month ago. Got it for our summer
place. Sat it beside my 1000D and
used them both for the Heard Island thing. I really liked the MP. Bought
the 250cy filters {2} and the 500cy for the "B" receiver. I found one
SERIOUS problem. Adjacent freq strong signal rejection is VERY poor. Example:
On 80m CW The DX is at 3522 listening up 5+. I hear key clicks, 100s of key
clicks that raise the "noise" level on 3522 to S9 PLUS making it almost
impossible to copy the weak VK0. I turned on my 1000D, threw the ant switch
and it was almost totally gone. 

I retested this using sideband. If the pile up signals were really strong
the same thing happened. Knowing this a month ago I would have opted for
another used FT-1000 rather than the 1000MP.

I want to point out that I like the MP, it has a lot of neat features. I
was really pleased by the ability to "mix and match" IF filters from the
front panel and the way the shift/width is set up compared with the 1000D. 

Just some observations.  

Cheers de Ed,  W4EP

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