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Tower/rotor query for a friend

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Subject: Tower/rotor query for a friend
From: (M. Gray Brafford)
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 11:00:30 -0500
My good friend Herman Cone N4CH, ex-WB4DBB, is getting ready to order his
tri-ex tower, and a rotor/antenna combination. He would like more advice
from the towertalk guys. First let me say money is not a problem, Herman
just wants the best and longest lasting components. On advice of several
previous posts he has decided on TR-iex. Either the LM-470E tower or the
TM-370C-HD sky needle. He is thinking about the big Yaesu rotor, but will
it mount on/in the TM-370 sky needle. I have the discussion already saved
with the pros/cons of long masts and the crank-ups. Also saved is rotor
mounting advice on the tower. He is either going with the big Mosley pro
67c or the big force 12. also on this tower will be a 6 el 6 meter boomer,
and finally a 2 el 30 meter beam. Herman is going to have all this
installed by a tower professional, but he wants to pre order and have all
the antennas etc. ready to go when the tower pro starts. Any advice for
Herman would be appreciated. Thanks.
please answer me back direct at
so as not to clutter up the reflector with redundant stuff. Herman values
your opinion..thanks again..w4yv, for n4ch

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