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ComTek on 17 Mtrs

To: <>
Subject: ComTek on 17 Mtrs
From: (Larry Lindblom)
Date: Sun, 02 Feb 1997 11:26:14 -0800
I've stumbled across something interesting with the 40 Mtr box and 
sloping dipoles.  Other day heard CY0SAB on 18.145 with a 55 signal. 
Realized I was on the 40 Mtr phased array so I switched to the R-7, my
only antenna resonate on 18 Mhz.  His signal dropped by 2-3 S units. I
thought it might be QSB.  

I switched back to the 40 Mtr phased array and he came up 2-3 S units. 
Started switching directions, he was loudest with phased array to either
NW or SE (90 degrees off of direct bearing).  Well I got brave, loaded
the rig, gave a call and cracked a half way large pile up in two calls. 
Didn't blow up the MFJ dry dummy load from the dumped power.

I wonder if anyone else has tried the 40 Mtr phased array on 18 Mhz.  I
also wonder if anyone has ever tried modeling this array on 18 Mhz.  It
definitely beat the heck out of a R-7, of course the R-7 is considered
by some to be a "dummy load without radials."


Larry Lindblom

P.S. I'm CCing this to the tower talk reflector to see if anyone else
has experience or thoughts on this.

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