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Paste and Grease Products

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Subject: Paste and Grease Products
From: (Jay Musikar)
Date: Tue, 04 Feb 1997 12:31:11 -0500
The following is a list of paste and grease-like products for the 
prevention of oxidation of aluminum in electrical connections and 
antenna installations: 
    Butternut Electronics Company 
    831 North Central Avenue
    Wood Dale, IL 60191           
    Tel: (708) 238-1854
    Fax: (708) 238-1186
Product Name: Butter-It's-Not 
Source: Direct if not stocked by local authorized dealer. 
Price: $3.50/ Envelope 
NOTES: Contains copper dust in a molybdemum suspension.  
    GB Electrical
    6101 N. Baker Road
    Milwaukee, WI 53209
    Tel: 1-800-558-4311
Product Name: OX-GARD 
Source: Available from many electrical supply houses and retail 
outlets such as Sears, Home Depot, Ace and True Value Hardware 
stores.  No Factory direct sales.  
GB catalog number OX-100B. 
Price: Approximately 3.00/ 1-oz tube
    Ideal Industries, Inc.
    Becker Place
    Sycamore, IL 60178 
    Tel: 1-800-435-0705
    and: 1-815-895-5181
    Fax: 1-800-533-4483
Product Name: NOALOX 
Source: Distributors (Call 800 number for nearest one)
Price:  Ideal list price $2.58/ half oz tube (#30-024) and 
        $8.64/8oz bottle (#30-030).                        
NOTES:  Also available from many electrical wholesale supply houses.
        No factory direct sales.  Contains zinc particles suspended 
        in a carrier. 
    KLM Antennas Inc.             
    PO Box 694
    Monroe, WA 98272     
    Tel: 1-360-794-2923
    Fax: 1-360-794-0294 
Product Name: Conductive Paste 
Source: Factory direct and larger dealers. 
Price: $3.50 plus shipping & handling/ 1 ounce containers 

NOTES: Anti-seize thread compound Hi-Temperature MIL-A-907E.  
Contains copper and graphite flakes suspended in a petroleum base.  
Manufactured for Mirage/KLM by Chemical Commodities Agency, Inc. 
of Highland, CA per MIL-A-907E.                            
    Sanchem, Inc.
    1600 S. Canal Street
    Chicago, IL 60616         
    Tel: 1-800-621-1603 
    Out of State: 1-312-733-6111 
    Fax: 1-312-733-7432 
Product Name: NO-OX-ID
Source: Direct from Manufacturer
Price: $11/16oz can or $8.80/8oz tube (plus shipping)
       Minimum order - $35
NOTES: NO-OX-ID comes in several consistencies.  NO-OX-ID "A" and 
NO-OX-ID "A-Special" are suitable for most antenna installations.  
NO-OX-ID "A-Special" is similar to NO-OX-ID "A" but has a small 
amount of solvent added for ease of application. 
    Thomas & Betts Company
    1555 Lynnfield Road
    Memphis, TN 38119         
    Tel: 1-800-888-0211                              
    Fax: 1-800-888-0790      
Product Name: Aluma-Shield
Source: No direct factory sales.  Available from many electrical 
supply distributors.
Price: Approximately $11.44/ 8oz can.                
NOTES: Customer may call 800 number for location of nearest 
distributor.  Contains zinc particles suspended in a petroleum base.
    Burndy Electrical
    101 E. Industrial Park Dr.
    Manchester, NH, 03108
    Tel: 1-800-346-4175 
    Fax: 1-800-346-9826
Product Name: Penetrox (PEN-A)
Source: Electrical wholesalers
Price: Approx. $6/ 3oz tube
NOTES: Zinc particles suspended in a natural based compound.  
    Ilsco Corporation
    4730 Madison Road
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45227   
    Tel: 1-513-533-6200        
    Fax: 1-513-533-6274 
Product Name: DE-OX
Source: No factory direct sales.  Available from electrical 
supply wholesalers and distributors.  Customer may call for 
nearest distributor.
Price: Approximately $2.90/ 1oz, $4.90/ 4oz and 
$7.30/ 8oz squeeze bottle.
NOTES: Used in the electrical trade for Al/Cu and Al/Al connections.
Green colored grease with no noticeable particles in suspension.  
    Antennas West                 
    PO Box 50062     
    Provo, Utah 84605        
    Tel: 1-801-373-8425        
    Fax: 1-801-373-8426 
Product Name: Goose Grease
Source: Factory direct sales only.            
Price: $1.00/ 1oz + and $1.00 p&h.                                       
NOTES:  Transparent silicone grease.  Antennas West also recommends 
this product for ground rod clamp connections.
    Mosley Electronics, Inc.      
    10812 Ambassador Blvd.
    St. Louis, MO 63132      
    Tel: 1-800-966-7539
    and: 1-800-325-4016
    and: 1-314-994-7872 
    Fax: 1-314-994-7873 
Product Name:   1) Mosley Penatrox (Conductive Grease)
                2) Weather Guard (Clear spray coating) 
Source: Factory direct sales only.            
Price:  Mosley Penatrox- $4.45 / packet + postage.

        Weather Guard- $12.75/ 8oz spray can + shipping
NOTES:  Mosley Penatrox is a greaselike product.  Weather Guard is a 
        clear spray especially recommended for marine and coastal 
        environments.  Weather Guard cannot be shipped via the post 
        office; UPS required.  
        Loctite Corporation
        1001 Troutbrook Crossing
        Rocky Hill, CT 06067-3910 
        Tele: 800-842-0041
Product Name: Permatex  ANTI-SEIZE LUBRICANT
Source: Many Automotive Supply Distributors 
Price:  N/A 
NOTES:  Comes in 1 oz squeeze tube, 8 fluid oz brush top container, 
        and a 12 oz aerosol can.  Can be used on the threads of 
        U-bolts to prevent "seizing, galling, and corrosion."  
        It aids in the disassembly of the the antenna's hardware.  
        Not for use on electrical connections.  The part no. on 
        a 1 oz tube is 133A.  

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