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Concord - A Turn For The Worse

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Subject: Concord - A Turn For The Worse
From: (Alfred J. Frugoli)
Date: Tue, 04 Feb 1997 21:28:28 +0000
>  They suggest that the applicant pursue less obtrusive antennas such as "flat
> panels, small dishes, and shorter monopoles without cross elements" (whatever
> that means).

It seems that the pannel is not informed on the frequencies you are 
oprating on and the antenna requirements for sucessfull/efficient 
operation.  It would seem to me that if this was explained in terms of 
being able to communicate outside a disaster area (i.e. outside the 
affected area after an earthquake), and the antennas necessary for this 
type of communication it might change their tune.  I used to live in CA 
and earthquakes are something  most everyone understands.  

They are telling you to use a dish and a dipole on 2M!  Show them a dish 
for 2M that will give you the same gain as that yagi and they'll let you 
have the beam!
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