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Longmeadow MA restricting Cell Phone Towers

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Subject: Longmeadow MA restricting Cell Phone Towers
From: (Bill Cotter)
Date: Thu, 06 Feb 1997 15:46:11 -0500

We should all think on the bright side of the cell phone towers infestation
problem and welcome their arrival: When the low earth orbit satelites 
obsolete standard cell phone technology, look at all those surplus towers 
to be had :-)


Bill, N4ALG

At 01:39 PM 2/6/97 +0000, Alfred J. Frugoli wrote:
>The town of Longmeadow MA is in the process of looking at restricting
> where cell phone towers can be erected within their town.  Could this
> effect amateur towers in this town?  Could Longmeadow's decision set a
> precident that could affect hams in many other communities?  I don't
> know much about the story, just that they are looking at restricting
> "towers" in the town to certian areas, e.g. commercial zoned land or
> city property.
> What do people think, should we be concerned?  I think it's worth
> looking at.
> I do not live in the town of Longmeadow, but I do live in Mass, and   
> what concerns me is that this could set a precident, or a wave of other 
> similar restrictions that could cause headaches for hams.  How do I go 
> about informing the town/committee of the existing laws concerning 
> amateur radio towers in this state and federally?
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