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Rotors,which one?

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Subject: Rotors,which one?
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Date: Thu, 06 Feb 1997 22:26:56 -0800
It seems that I'll be replacing my rotor in the very near future,
and I'd like to throw something out to the knowledgeable.
    I have a stacked array now consisting of 15.5 sq.ft. of antennas
with a weight of 113 lbs.. The mast's windload I don't know and the 
weight is +or- 125 lbs.. I'm using a Tailtwister now.  In looking at 
some of my options, I was thinking of Emoto. Some interesting specs on
a home page revealed about Yaesu,Create,Hy-Gain and their own forced me
to give it up to the 'done-it's'. The Tailtwister is built rugged, but
lacks under any strain. I beleive they call this rotor torque. I've
seen the Yaesu's and they look real flimsy. I've heard some bad reports
about the Create's line; so I'm looking at these guys. I don't expect
my rotors to last forever, but would like to get the most for my hard
earned bucks, with satisfaction. Are there other brands worth looking
into? Any recommendations on the above?  I'll post the consensus and
my decision.  Thanks for reading and/or replying.  Jeff,N3MLV

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