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Mobile antenna help

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Subject: Mobile antenna help
From: (Scott Millick)
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 1997 04:45:26 -0500
I know this is not about towers but I have a mobile problem. I run the
Hustler spider array and up until the section broke had a spring on it that
worked fine. It has about 11-12 coild on it instead of the hustler 15 or so
of turns. I am looking for another and cannot find it. I bought it new from
someone in the Dayton hamfest and he said it was made by Hy-gain. The say
they have no made anything for 15 years like that. I know it is not the
Hustler or Antenna Specialists brands so what is left. I need something that
is really stiff for the antennas so anyone with any ideas   Thanks   K9SM
K9SM  Scott Millick
907 Big Four Ave.
Hillsboro, Il  62049

217 532-3837
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