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rohn overload

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Subject: rohn overload
From: (Bud)
Date: Sun, 09 Feb 1997 03:32:32 -0600
Idea here on towers has been to find "critical mass"!   Several towers
with none lower than 140 ft.... at least one tower per band... Example:
15m tower 160 ft r-25g, 6- cushcraft 4 ele, 2 klm 6 ele,  In addition to
that load had a 4 ele 40m klm es 80m-1 dipole on same tower..... in a
severe storm winds in excess of 125mph the 40m-4 ( bolted to tower leg)
broke loose the tower leg between two horiz. cross members--- did a free
sail to the ground all in one piece and landed flat !!!!  replaced one
section of r-25--- rebuilt antenna and still in use today!

10m example: 6 klm 6 ele beams on r-25 with the top antenna 24 ft above
the top guy on 2 sticks of r25 rotating on a bearing... 

20m: 4 klm 5 ele beams and 3 home brew 4 ele beams on 190 ft of r-45

40m  3 ele home brew over 500 lbs at 160 ft over 4 ele klm ( the one
that did the free flight above)  on r-45

these are just a few examples... several more towres including ab105
with 3 ele 80m beam.... most of this stuff is going to stay up if u put
in enough concrete  for base and anchors--- guy right-- etc.

plus if it falls remember its just a hobby and picking the junk up off
the ground is fun!!!

naturally this does not apply to proximity to powerlines , others
property, etc--- anything i got falls it only hurts the moles that been
messing up my yard.

I do not take this attitude with my profession.... only with my hobby!
Have some fun guys...

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