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T2X Problem!

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Subject: T2X Problem!
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Date: Sun, 9 Feb 97 03:51:11 PST
OK guys, one more time. The problem is NOT in the brake retracting. It is in 
the limit switches,

If you will check the schematic of the rotor, you will find that BOTH limit 
switches must be
closed for the thing to turn, but that ONLY 1 limit switch is the source of 
power for either
CW or CCW operation. If there is a high resistance or open in 1 of the 
switches, the rotor will
NOT turn in that direction. Prove it yourself, take it down, open it up, take 
the damn brake
out if you want, and then open 1 of the limit switches. 

I must admit I don't understand why rocking it starts it in the other 
direction, unless the
voltage going through the limit switch ( and which also is present at the other 
limit switch )
is able to overcome the high resistance ( burn it out?) or the mechanical 
movement acts in some
way to firmly close the open switch. 

For instance, I have 2 twisters up now, and both of them must be rocked 
clockwise before they
will go CCW. Pulling them down and cleaning up the switches seems to be only a 
temporary fix.

73, Ed 
Name: Ed Sleight
To: <>
Date: 2/9/97
Time: 3:51:11 AM

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