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Loos Guy Wire Tensioner

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Subject: Loos Guy Wire Tensioner
From: (Greg Papadeas)
Date: Sun, 09 Feb 1997 18:33:21 -0500
I recently purchased a Loos guy wire tension meter to determine the tension
in my guy wires. The unit is primarily intended for use in sailboat rigging
and its conversion table reflects varying diameters of 1 x 19 stainless
steel rigging cable. For tensioning purposes, is it safe to assume that this
cable type (1/4" diameter) is similar to, for example, the 1/4" EHS
galvanized guy wire that I am using ?  If not, has anyone with access to a
dynamometer worked up a conversion table for 3/16" and 1/4" guy wires
commonly used by hams ?

My apologies if this subject has previously been covered here - I have just
subscribed to this reflector.


Greg KA1O 

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