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810.13 nec

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Subject: 810.13 nec
From: (ken cubilo)
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 18:07:53 -0500
hi guys ,well being a electrical contractor here in michigan  i
read art 810.13 as meaning that the antenna lead-in and aerial itself
is to maintain at least 2 ft spacing from the said electrical wires
when such conductors are at 250 v or less to all means do 
watch your local building authorities as they have a bad habit of
changing the code books to meet their needs. if in doubt about the nec
requirements always use the national electrical code handbook to get the
correct meanings of the code passages, as our state and local inspectors
here say if its not spelled out to the letter in the code than its not
a requirement. if i were you i would contact my local or state
electrical inspector and get his interp. of 810-13 then take that to the
building inspector.sure reminds me of the hassles i had getting a permit
for my tower.
good luck ken we8w

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