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Belden 9913F & hardline..

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Subject: Belden 9913F & hardline..
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Date: Mon, 10 Feb 97 23:44:35 PST
Has anyone ever considered a solution to the problem of having to terminate the 
hard line at
the top of the tower into "flexible" coax?

Would this work? 

At about 2 feet from the top of the tower, transition from the tower leg to 
some distance,
say 18 inches, and then coil the hardline several times as you go up the mast 
into a "spring
like" shape. Terminate the hard line at the antenna and do the transition 
there. I realize 
this is not a practical matter to be considered at HF, but at VHF/UHF, it could 
save some
DBs... My VHF antennas are some 30 feet above the top of the tower, and even at 
144, that's
a loss I would like to avoid.


Just had another idea...could you use some arrangement ( such as an arm on 2 
thrust bearings
( or for that matter, holes drilled into the flange itself )seperated by the 
length of the mast? 
The bearings would be attached to the mast, but the arms would hold the 
hardline say a few 
inches from the mast. The mast and the interior part of the bearing would 
rotate, but the 
hardline connected to what is usually the mounting flange would not.

I've GOT to stop smoking this cheap stuff!



Name: Ed Sleight
To: <>
Date: 2/10/97
Time: 11:44:35 PM

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