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rotating tower section

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Subject: rotating tower section
From: (Bud)
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 01:23:29 -0600
Seems like my description of a "rotating tower section" generated some
interest... i will share what i have made es wish u gud luck if u try...
Part A-- the stationary tower top:

Assuming r-25, 45 or similar.  Cut the top section off square and retain
any of the horizontal braces .  1) weld a plate on the top
2) go down to the next set of horizontal braces and weld a second plate
3) weld a 1 1/2" x 3/16" flat steel brace around both of the above
4) find the exact center of the above two plates and weld a 3" inside
diameter Pipe ( i use 3" sch-80 pipe because i have it!)
5)  the above pipe should extend 1" through each plate.
6)weld two large nuts to the pipe ( of course burn a hole in first)
this will allow a couple bolts to hold all in case of rotor failure

7) rotor shelf is installed below the bottom plate as convenient

Rotating tower section:

again assuming a r-25
cut the legs off at the last horiz. brace. 1) weld a plate
2) go to next horiz. brace es weld another plate  3) go to next horz
brace and weld another plate.  4 find exact center of all plates and cut
a hole in bottom two that will allow a mast to pass through and will
turn inside of stationary section described above... should be about
2.9"... The length of this pipe will be determined by how far below the
rotor is mounted... The pipe i use for this has a 96,000 lb rating and
then i drive a piece of 1 1/2" sch-80 pipe inside of it.

If u get all of this right all u need is a bearing.... I go to a local
garage a get those discarded from the axel of a 16 wheeler! FREE

I pack the bearing in grease ( i use quicksan gear grease -40 F cause i
have it...)

Please feel free to use the above as u will.... I had a demo of this in
the flea market at dayton few years ago.... got a few orders... my idea
came out the exact same year of the HAZER!

Yes, this places a hell of a bunch of stress on the top of a tower.
I certainly would not use one without the very best guys and anchors.
( each of my anchors are in 2 yds of re-inforced concrete)
I can tell u i have one of these up 24 ft above the top set of guys and
have been on it when i was scared crazy!

I admit to being a crazy hamaholic... but it sure is fun!

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