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Subject: STACKING ??? HELP
From: (Bud)
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 03:49:09 -0600 wrote:
> Hey Bud - How's it going? Hope all is well with you...
> I tried your SWR check for a stack of 204BAs, and it sure does work -I hope
> that means my antennas are in phase! The SWR difference is not great, but I
> do see a slight increase in the SWRs of the individual antennas as well as
> the stack when the top antenna is pointed 180 degrees opposite the bottom
> antenna. I am fairly certain of the polarity also, as I use bead baluns and
> have both the center conductors of the coaxes feeding the respective same
> sides of the two antennas.
> 73 - CU at Dayton,
> Will AA4NC
hi will, always gud to hear from u.... hvnt heard from u since the bus
ride in dayton.... really enjoyed seeing u again... yes, the swr check
works for in/out phase on stack.... i dont know why but maybe someone on
the reflector can explain.... remember i just do this for a hobby es fun
es tend to pick up a few quirks.... why is for someone else...
remember low is gud, higher is better es the carib. is great!

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