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stack observations - query

To: <>
Subject: stack observations - query
From: (Andrew Williamson)
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 17:08:00 +0000
In message <>, Bud <> writes

>I submit the following as "general rules" I have observed in working
>with stacked yagis.  To be sure, there are exceptions and no one antenna
>is BEST. The following assume properly installed, tuned, phased, spaced
>etc... :

>6) swr of a properly phased stack is lowest when in the same direction
>and highest when 180 deg. apart

Hi guys (and gals),

A quick query on Bud's point number 6.  Just how much does the SWR vary
when rotating the top antenna relative to the bottom one.  Hopefully in
the next 12 months we will be stacking yagis at GI0KOW (top one
rotatable only) and was wondering about this.  The phasing will probably
be done with Dunestar boxes.  My ETO 91B isn't to keen on any SWR over
about 1.5:1, so would the SWR fluctuation when rotating be a problem?

Not sure if the number of elements would make any difference, but we
will be stacking 6's on 10 and 15M, and 4's on 20M.

Look forward to the comments of the 'towertalk reflectorites'.


Andrew Williamson GI0NWG / AC6WI

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