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Again OWL,BIRDS & Antenna Video

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Subject: Again OWL,BIRDS & Antenna Video
From: (Reinaldo Leandro)
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 14:19:37 -0500
Dear Friends

Long time ago (before VK0IR)someone mentioned a company that sells owls to
scare birds in antennas and another posting about a ham that gently offered
a video documenting antenna instalation.

I wrote everything in my electronic agenda that I lost last week in the
Miami Hamboree (without a backup of course). I visited a Sears store in
this town but they do not know anything about owls and not catalogs any more. 

I will apreciated any help with the information that will allow me while in
the USA to order the owl and ask to the kind ham a copy of his video.

Thank very much everyone on this wonderfull and informative reflector.

73 es DX de

Reinaldo, YV5AMH

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