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Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 22:01:47 +0000
> Thanks for the interesting post on the Crosby clips (I believe they go by
> that name)...

There are clamps similar to those that have been described here
known as "Crosby clips," and in my catalog (Alloy Sling Chain,
Chicago, IL), on the next page there are similar clamps called
"malleable wire rope clips." It is unclear to me what the
differences are, and I wish someone more knowledgable than me (which
would be almost anybody) would jump in with some of these answers.

Interestingly, there are torque values posted for those clamps, but I 
would be willing to bet a pizza (if there's any left) that no ham has 
ever put a torque wrench on their guy clamps.

> ...but where in the world is this esoteric information available in
> print form?  

My wife keeps asking questions like, "how do you KNOW that?" I have
been blessed (cursed) with an astonishing memory for minutiae. Some
of it I read, some I've learned the hard way, some I've applied from
readings or experience in other areas (my answer on wire rope and
deformation is an example. My experienc there is mainly with hemp
rope from Scouts, rock climbing, tower work, etc.). The problem is,
while I might be able to tell you how to do something, I can't
necessarily prove it.

> Is it in Steve's new book? 

I hope some of this is. 

> or only from the "School of Hard Knocks and Bruised Knuckles?" >

There is a lot of truth in that. 

> At local ham flea markets I've recently seen the "all stainless"
> variety and the going price was astronomical- about $3.00 each for
> some of the smaller varieties. 

I am very nervous about using stainless steel anywhere significant
(a relative term) torque is required (because of the ease of galling
the threads), or where the natural plasticity of the material is
required to keep things tight. Please, some metallurgist jump in

> Do you recommend spraying these galvanized things with a cold
> galvanizing spray paint as I've done or some other treatment
> or... simply replacing them as part of routine maintenance since
> they're cheap enough?

Actually, I've never had any of the stuff up long enough for it to 
become either a repair or replace issue. I converted to Phillystran 
some time ago and never looked back. I got in in the potted ends 
period, didn't do anything through the Crosby clip days, and now that 
they have Big Grips available, my next Phillystran installation will 
use those.

73, Rod N4SI
    The DXer formerly known as N9AKE
         (c) 5 November, 1996

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