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FW: Guy wires...

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Subject: FW: Guy wires...
From: (Cady, Fred)
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 15:31:17 -0700
Steve Wrote:

>          The load-bearing part of the guy wire is the "live" side of
> the guy.
>  The tail that's turned back is the "dead" end.  The saddle goes over
> the
> live part and the U-bolt goes over the tail/dead side.  The old
> lineman's
> saying is "don't saddle a dead horse".  Don't put the saddle over the
> dead
> part of the guy wire.
>      Where do we go for pizza?  BTW, an improperly installed cable
> clamp
> loses almost 40% of its holding power.

How come?  Does the u-bolt crush or damage the live wire somehow?

Fred KE7X

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