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Cleaning Aluminum

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Subject: Cleaning Aluminum
From: (Arne Gjerning)
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 20:59:06 -0800
Been reading posts for a monthor so. 

Dave, K4JRB asked how to clean aluminum. I hope he means tubing of 

The method I have used on may projects is inexpensive and does a great 
job. After cleaning 2 TELREX 20M326 yagis boom/elements) and many more 
element/boom aluminum tubing I know it works.

I use Nylon Scouring Pads (usually green in color and 6 X 9 1/2 " in 
size) and water. These pads work best when wet and are available at many 
places. PRICE CLUB/COSCO or similiar places sell packages of 12 to 16 for 
under $5.00 and that many will last a long time.

The finish will be dull and will not reflect sun light which makes for a 
lower visible profile than the polished finish on some antennas. The only 
drawback is the elbow grease required. On a warm day a beer may help as 
well but stay away from the tower after the beer.

By-the-way: the 2 20M326's became a 175 LB 5 el 20 Mtr on 52 ft boom 
mounted at 88 ft on a Rohn 45G, with a Cushcraft 402CD at 100 ft both 
mounted on a 2" OD 1/4" wall chrome moly mast. I have a 5 el 10Mtr and 
4el 17 Mtr side mounted as 64 ft and 58 ft respectively. Coming this 
spring is 5 el 15 on 37 ft boom at 81 ft on TIC ring rotor and another 5 
el 10 Mtr below the one at 64 ft.

This system ahs been through some 90 MPH winds which seem to destroy my 2 
cotton wood trees. Tower has been up since 1988 and seen many a BIG wind 
which usual for our monsoon weather here in New Mexico.

Have fun.

de Arne Gjerning N7KA

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