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Subject: CTSVR
From: (Ed Van Cleave)
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 1997 11:08:14 +0000
Used the CTSVR last Winter and had very good results with it.  Worked 
my first DX on 160 meters using 200 watts.  Contacts were into the 
Caribbean and South America from Minnesota during the 160 meter 
contests.  Have a much bigger radial system than maker recommends, 
32 radials 25-55 ft in length.  

Outstanding performance on 80/75 and 40 meters for a short antenna.  
When I say "outstanding" my comparison is my trusty, long-used 
 Butternut HF2-V, top loaded.  I have a small back 
yard (75X75) with high tension lines running across the back, 
numerous trees, no room for a HyTower.  The HyTower would also 
require a building permit.  The CTSVR is "portable" in that it 
doesn't require a concrete base.  

Allow two days for assembly and tuning, lots and lots of small parts. 
 The CTSVR withstood the Winter Ice Storm of 1996.  It had over 1 
inch of radial ice on it for over a week in 50 mph winds.  Have some 
great pictures.  The was droopy but resumed its normal position after 
the thaw.  I also purchased the Phillystrand guy kit.  Well worth the 
additional price especially when faced with the ice loads the antenna 

Hope this information is useful.  Will make FS measurements next 

73 de Ed, W0VC

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