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Crankup Safety

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Subject: Crankup Safety
From: (Leikhim, Joe)
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 1997 23:34:47 -0500 wrote:
> Some folks climb crankups .. I'm on the side of those who lay an 
>extension ladder against the nested tower and clamp on once I'm at the 
>top of the ladder.  I'm not quite up to climbing a mast (Tnx K9US and 
>N4SI/N9AKE for their help in the past!)  I have a US Tower HDX-589 MDPL 
>89' crankup and when the five sections are nested I don't see how 
>anyone could possibly get a safe foothold on all the nested 
>crossbraces...There's barely room to get a hand between the 
>bracing..much less a solid spot for a foothold.
> Wayne - W9II 

Hi Wayne; I have a used TX489MDPL that I have just finished recabling 
with new cables and pulleys from US Tower. They told me to nest the 
tower with about 1 foot per section raised and with a minimum of three 
turns of the pull up cable wound on the drum. The old cable was about 
four feet longer than the new, and was wound at 5 turns when I removed 
it. Following their instructions I could only get three turns on the 
drum and the tower would not nest any lower. Of course I have not yet 
erected the tower (its on the ground) but I ran it in and out a few feet 
and that is where it wants to be. What gives? US tower says they test 
these with a 500 lb test load before shipping. How much does a 100 foot 
1/4 EHS cable stretch??
Joe Leikhim

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