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Date: Fri, 14 Feb 1997 10:20:23 EST
Hi guys

 I worked for a few years climbing ladders as a roofer when I was
I now work as Firefighter on a 113'  Ladder truck, climbing stuff is not
intimidating to me. I happened to come across a 30' crankup {Very Used} 
3 sections, that I use as a VHF/UHF tower. I have it installed so that
the bottom section is bracketed onto the side of the house and when it is
fully retracted the top of the tower is 3 feet {1 meter} above roof
level. What a pleasure it is to work on the rotator or adjusting the
antennas. I would never climb a retracting tower If I didn't have
too....up or down.  24 years ago a coworker got his feet caught in a
retracting  ladder truck and with grace at work they were able to save
his feet. It made a lifelong lasting impression.  When installing a
retracting Tower you may want to give this method a thought. The only
climbing is on a 20' jump ladder that is fully retracted that gets me
onto the roof............:-)

Good DXing
"Number 1 Totally Helpless Tommy"   {N1THT}

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