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best tower direction in prevailing wind

To: <>
Subject: best tower direction in prevailing wind
From: (T. A. Russell)
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 1997 15:22:13 EST
>From the geometry of 3 equally spaced guy wires, 
it is evident that the load carried by the guy wires 
IS EXACTLY EQUAL with the wind coming in-line with
a single guy or bi-secting a pair of guys.

The WORST CASE is if the wind is in line with a FACE
of the tower, 30 degrees from a single guy wire, placing 
ALL of the load on that single guy (direction) with an
additional 15% load due to the geometry.

FOUR WAY guying prevents the 15% additional load
from geometric considerations, but puts an additional
load on the tower due to pre-tensioning.  (Not to mention
the additional cost and effort!)

de Tom - N4KG

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