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RF Safety

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Subject: RF Safety
From: (Elliott Lawrence)
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 1997 11:57:55 -0800
I had the opportunity to hear Wayne Overbeck speak to the Southern 
California DX Club meeting last night on the subject of rf safety and 
compliance with the FCC rules that become effective 1 January 1998. The 
information was very interesting and enlightening. Bottom line is, unless 
you run lots of power to very low antennas their should be no problem 
meeting the established field limits. The difficulty increases the higher 
the frequency so VHF/UHF is more of a problem. This should encourage 
everyone to put up taller towers.

Wayne gave the following website to input station configurations with the 
comparison against the FCC levels as the output.

I checked my station parameters: maximum power level, antenna gain and 
distance to various points  both on and off my property.  I satisfy the 
FCC compliance levels. It was really very easy.


vy 73
Elliott WA6TLA

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