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best tower direction in prevailing wind

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Subject: best tower direction in prevailing wind
From: (Wendell - W5FL)
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 1997 16:10:28 -0600


There can be as many guying configurations as you can think of.  The =
most used and cheapest is three guy anchors.  The strongest resultant =
force vector is in line with one of the anchors.  The weakest point =
(86%) is 30 degrees from any guy anchor.  One of the advantages of 4 =
anchors is that the weakest point occurs in line with one of the anchors =
and the strongest (140%) is exactly between two of the four anchors.  =
Figure the vector sum of the forces to get the worst case (weakest) =
direction, then you must always design for the weakest direction, =
because the storm that gets your antenna will come from that direction.

Up to 200 foot, I would much prefer to have the first 4 feet of tower =
embedded in concrete.  Lets moisture drain out the bottom of the legs =
and provides a degree of self support when you stack the first sections =
to the first set of guy wires.  However: from an analysis point of view, =
there is little difference.  Either way you want your tower exactly =

Wendell Wyly     W5FL

* What is the best direction to face a guyed tower
* in an area with strong prevailing winds from one
* particular direction ?=20
* Should one leg of the tower face the wind,
* allowing one guy to take the load, or should a
* flat face point windward allowing two wires to
* share the load ?
* Does it make a difference whether the tower base
* is embedded or on a pier pin ?

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