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Force 12 Magnum 2X2

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Subject: Force 12 Magnum 2X2
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Date: Sun, 16 Feb 1997 08:39:10 -0500 (EST)
Hi there:

Does anyone out there in radioland have experience with the Force 12 Magnum
2X2 (two el 80M & 2el 40M) yagi on a common boom?

Plan on installing one on a 100' Rohn 55 tower this spring about 15' below an
M2 30-10M log periodic.  Plan to configure 80M elements as reflector and
driven element since antenna will be >100'.  Comments?

Any comments regarding construction tips, performance, etc would be
appreciated. Should 2X2 be installed 90 degrees offset with respect to log
periodic or will 15 ft separation be adequate to prevent serious interaction
particularly on 20M??

Any comments will be appreciated.

73 de Jim K7EG

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