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Aluminum loss in beams

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Subject: Aluminum loss in beams
From: (jim henderson)
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 1997 19:45:08 +0000
> As I recall the Institute
>for Advanced Studies at Princeton University was granted a Central
>Intelligence Agency grant, to prove the theory that loss of aluminum or
>aluminum oxide particals was directly proportionate to the amount of power
>it exuded, the loss of aluminum oxide molecules being calculated at the
>resonant frequency divided by the average mean temperature in centigrade.
>the quotient then being multiplied by power in watts.  
>                              Stu Greene WA2MOE 

OM Stu:

        I believe Prof B.S. Heifferdust was involved with this grant at the
time of his unfortunate demise, under odd circumstances. (He was formerly in
the OSS, but you didnt hear this from me!) He was the one credited with the
additional portion to the theory you mention, wherein it it was modified to
include the effects of the local partial-pressure of free oxygen molecules,
and whether or not the elements were directly or indirectly heated (excited).

        Further, I have been trying to look up the article he wrote
concerning the results of his experiments polishing only the rearmost
element of a Yagi-Uda array, in order to increase it's efficiency as a

        It was rumored he fell off the tower to his death while trying yet
another new method to locate true north; unfortunately there were no
witnesses and the secret died with him. Perhaps the information is lost in
the archives at ION U.

        I hope this helps.

                                        Respectfully yours,

Jim, KF7E

"DX is!" but "Es Happens!"

Jim Henderson

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