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Parts source for 40-2CD W6QHS Mods

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Subject: Parts source for 40-2CD W6QHS Mods
From: (Tony Brock-Fisher)
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1997 10:20:40 -0500
1. For rivets, I chose aluminum instead of stainless, which QHS* recommends.
My basis for this is that I don't think the strength is needed - I still
have the hose clamps in place. On the other hand, I was concerned about
corrosion, and AL-stainless is a notoriously bad combo. I asked QHS* about
this but lost his answer. It's been up a year - we'll see if it's OK.

2. I used short pieces of EMT in the boom ends. I can't remember all the
dimensions, but it fit pretty tightly and provided support. If you're
going to pin the elements so they don't rotate, I don't think the U-bolts
need to be as tight.

3. For the center section, I wanted to use a 3 foot length of thick-wall
2" OD aluminum tubing, but couldn't get it in time. It would add some weight,
but be very strong.

-Tony, K1KP,

* yes, I know 'QHS is now some other call. He'll always be QHS to me...

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