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Beatty Tower

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Subject: Beatty Tower
From: (Don Moman)
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1997 10:46:03 -0700 (MST)
Beatty is no longer around (and haven't been for many years). I think they
got their start making windmill towers a long time ago. As I understand it
they were purchased by L&R (LeBlanc and Royal). But they are still
somewhat common to find secondhand in commercial tower yards etc. I have
part of a Beatty tower handbook that shows info on their 10" and 20"
sections, both of which I have had some practical experience. 

The 10" stuff requires a lot of guying (every 20' for most situations) but
that could be increased somewhat if it was just used as a radiator.

Anyway, you won't find what you need new, but I sure would be surprised if
there wasn't some available used closer to you.  Check out tower 
installers "used piles" etc etc. It's not all that rare out here.

73 Don

VE6JY is Don Moman               email: 
Box 127 Lamont, Alberta
T0B 2R0  (403) 895-2925

On Sat, 15 Feb 1997, Marcel Gervais wrote:

> Can anyone in Canada or the USA give me the address of the Beatty Tower
> people in Canada or the USA.  I have a 110 foot tower and need 4 more
> sections for a 160 mtr antenna.  Thanks for your help
> Marcel Gervais

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