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Guy wire help

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Subject: Guy wire help
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Date: Tue, 18 Feb 97 17:50:35 EST
     I need your input to a situation that I have.
     I removed a Rohn FK2548 tiltover tower from my old QTH and plan to 
     install it at my new location as a FK2568.  The code here is for a 
     tower to withstand 100 mph.  Rohn has sent me info for the 25G that is 
     for 110 mph.  The FK25XX uses 4 way guying not 3 way.
     Here is the question: Can I / should I use 1/4 guys for the tower to 
     help with the 100 mph windload or use the 3/16 that came with the 
     tower?  I have to order some new guy cable because the tower will 

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