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[TowerTalk] RCS-4 switchand Prop-pitch

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Subject: [TowerTalk] RCS-4 switchand Prop-pitch
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Date: Mon, 03 Mar 97 14:35:52 CST
SUBJECT: RCS-4 switchand Prop-pitch
I don't have the ability to summarize replies but I got a lot of requests for
a summary regarding the RCS-4 and hum on the receive signal.

Following is a review from my memory..

Most folks didn't have a problem with Hum caused by the switch.

Some folks had the hum but the noise level was so great it wasn't a problem

Some folks had hum and didn't like the switches at all. It seems like
one position causes the hum problem. That is the position which puts
raw ac on the line for the switching ( thanks to N3HBX for the info).

Conclusion: I am going to use the switch and just avoid the one position
that causes the hum problem.  It's still a great hub for Beverage antennas.


I got my prop-pitch motor back from M2 and I like the mounting and the
control box.  They welded a round piece of steel in the top opening of the
spline gear. In this round piece they drilled and taped 4 bolt holes
so a flat plate would bolt on it.  Their jaws in turn mount on the
flat plate so it looks like the top of the regular Orion rotator.

I am sure there are Prop-pitch heads out there who will yell because I am
not using the correct names but this is an attempt to give you a quick
idea of what I now have.

After I got the pro-pitch back from M2 I took it apart and put new brushes
in the motor, drained the gear oil and greased the internals. I must say I am
impressed with how this thing is wow wow what a rotor.
Impressive at least..

I am sure there are details I left out and would be glad to answer.
Please remember I hate to type and no doubt it shows be gentle in
requesting more info.

I enjoy this reflector and the great exchange of information. I am happy
to share what small things I know and I enjoy reading other folks thoughts
and experiences.

Thanks for your time

Sam K9SD      "the real South Dakota" in Illinois


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