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Date: Tue, 4 Mar 1997 01:53:34 -0800
Earlier this week I posted a request asking about what I thought might be a 
lack of response to several phone requests and a written request for a catalog 
from Antenna Mart. Let me assure everyone that my posted inquiry on the Tower 
reflector was not meant to cast dispersions on Antenna Mart. 

I received many postive responses from others on the reflector who know Bill 
personally and professionally and have been very pleased with his products and 
performance. And because the response has been so great I feel a 
responsibility to Bill and Antenna Mart to set the record straight.

Allen Bond of Max-Gain spoke to Bill and related to me that no less than 3 
catalogs have been sent to me and yet another is being sent certified mail to 
insure that I receive one.  Bill at Antenna Mart has gone the extra mile! Not 
to mention that at $2's a catalog; he has already lost money. Clearly I have a 
problem with my postal service and I will be looking into it. Bill, I am sorry 
for the inconvenience.  

That being said I would like to summarize my research into base insulators for 
a 1/4 wavelength vertical on 160m. I originally was considering fabricating my 
own base insulators and was going to use a material called G-10. It is a grade 
LE phenolic and is also called "Garolite." 1/2" dia x 72" is $20. 3/4"i.d. x 
.25" wall tube is $38.

 It is sold at various plastics distributors.
(McMaster-Carr 908-329-3200)
(Ultra Inc.    414-771-4747) 
(U.S. Plastics 800-537-9724)

I got estimates from a Physical Engineer, machinist, and welder and while the 
material is within reason, actually fabricating a finished insulator that will 
hold up and let me sleep nights is near the $500 mark. Yes if you have the 
necessary skills you can surely do it cheaper. That is why I included a 
suppliers list. Frankly, fudge factors scare me and that is why I included the 
cost of a PE.
in my original estimate.

And this brings me back to Antenna Mart. Here is a description of what they 
have ready made for $275 list per set of 3. You need 3 per tower.
"They are welded, machined, hi-carbon steel, insulation rated 12kv, tested to 
20 tons compression. Included are 18 all stainless bolts per set."

There is one other source that I checked out and that is Rohn. I called Peoria 
and they quoted me $1029 for an insulated tower section cat# 25RG. 

Another summary of research that I would like to offer is regarding Coax 
Manufactures. If you want to find a product or manufacture go to  (you can search by manufacture or product)

also you can try                           
The Thomas Register also has a web page but I have not found their search 
engine window just tons of advertising.

Andrew      708-349-3300
Alpha       908-925-8000; 800-52-ALPHA
Belden      317-983-5200; 800-BELDEN-2
Com/Scope   800-438-3335
Manhattan   914-967-8000
Times Fiber 800-677-2288 
I hope that this information is helpful. And I want to thank everyone for 
their contribution.

Joe AA6WG 

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