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[TowerTalk] 160M, 80M End-Fed Wire Antenna

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 160M, 80M End-Fed Wire Antenna
From: (Robert Turner, Jr)
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 97 22:01:28 UT
I'm considering putting up a 67 foot long End-Fed wire antenna for use on 80 & 
160.  The antenna will be fed with Coax with Antenna's West's "In-Line 1:1 
Feedline Balun" with the 160 meter optimization.  The shield of the Coax will 
be attached to my Create roof tower about 4 foot off of the roof.  This puts 
it about 4 foot below my VHF beam stack (6m to 70cm).  The wire will attach to 
the roof tower at about 30 feet above ground.  Wire will run 67 feet sloping 
downward.  The end point will be about 8 feet above ground.

I will also be using an automatic tuner.  Which tuner & where I'm going to 
locate it have not been decided.  If I put tuner in shack, I can also switch 
it to my R7000 to increase its usable 2:1 bandwidth from 40M to 10M.  However, 
a tower mounted tuner will have the benefit of keeping the RF out of the 
Shack, but then I can only use it on the wire.

Any comments on this proposed configuration will be appreciated.  Comments on 
alternate configurations are also welcome.

7 3

Bob - N2SCJ

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