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Date: Thu, 06 Mar 1997 23:08:06 -0600
When digging the hole for the base section of my HG-52SS tower, I did not
make the hole dimensions perfectly rectangular as described in the manual:
"Dig a hole 42" square by 5'6" deep . . ."   At the bottom 12-15" of the
hole I dug-in such that the bottom dimensions approximate 52" square,
(actually a somewhat rounded square). In other words, the area in the
bottom half of the hole is greater than the area in the top half.

I was thinking the way a dentist drills prior to filling a cavity-he
enlarges the hole inside the tooth such that the filling will better stay
in place.  Is (was) my thinking corrupt, or does this make sense???  Is the
only "disadvantage" that it requires more cement?  [For a more sturdy,
safer base?]

73s, Paul Spencer KA0JDM

BTW, as my soil is on the sandy side, I exceeded even further the hole
dimensions given by Hy-Gain.
BTW2, I aquired two manuals for the HG-52SS, one (probably an older one)
gives the hole dimensions as 30" square by 4'3" deep;  the other manual (am
guessing newer) gives 42" square by 5'6" deep.  Anyone know the history
behind this change?

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