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[TowerTalk] What is the Holy Grail ?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] What is the Holy Grail ?
From: (Jonathan Starr)
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 13:42:15 -1000
> To:
>Disciples of Tower Talk,
> Where does one get AB105 (the holiest of holy
cow! towers)?  I haven't ever
> seen one out it a east coast thing?
 The King Tower Talker,
> K7LXC, whispered to me at the local hamfest
that it was a military surplus
> item but my searches of known surplus haunts
has turned up nada.  Is this
> Holy Grail of Tower-dom hard to come by?  Does
greasing the palms of surplus
> depot E-5's help?
> Worthy seeker of the Tower begs for
> Gary K7FR
Well Gary,

A bunch of it made it here to Maui, which is
usually the end of the line as far as such things
go, so its certainly not an East Coast thing.

Actually along with the Military it was sold for
export, since it breaks down & ships better than
anything else. That kind of tower is sometimes
called KD for KnockDown, and Rohn makes a line of
it they call Guyed Angle Tower with various face

I've been told that it weighs 105# per 10'
section, which seems about right for the tower we
have here.

The AB105  we use for a windmill support has the
best galvanizing I've ever seen, and it looks
pretty decent after many years in a windy, salty,
corrosive environment that eats most mortal HDG

I think that double digit SSV is the Holy Grail
of towerdom.


Jonathan KH6X 

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