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[TowerTalk] AB105 - Tower of the Contest Gods

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Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 23:06:17 -0500 (EST)
Once upon a time in the days of ole (the 60's) there were hams who worked for
the government who always seemed to get their paws on good stuff, this was
indeed a crucial part of being a ham, and clubs with this type of member were
worth joining just for the services these guys could conjur....   Ya know,
oddly enough they were predominantly contesters and dxers - and - MOST of
them, since they worked for the gov't, belonged to the same radio club!
 Granted others go in on the action, but it seems from pop literature that:

The PVRC [Potomas Valley Radio Club, amen] (don't forget to genuflect) has to
have had the highest concentration of AB105 usage...probably also 'cause they
had the highest concentration of gov't employees!  Even Ed Bissel, W3AU, who
retired down here to Florida brought tons of the stuff with him!

These days I would imagine your best bet is to bond with a gov't type who can
make you aware of takedowns/closings of military sights....their biggest
customer was NOT the ham community - although it seems the holiest of towers
was indeed a ham product at times.

Just my opinion - but it seems founded in a lotta interesting coinkeedinks!


Jim  K4OJ
ex - K1ZX

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