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Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997 18:40:39 EST

        I do love your story, as it reminds me to mention two other facts
of life to Tower Talk:

*       A helicopter is cheaper than litigation.  In case a reader is
not calibrated on these matters, a tower case, seen through to
conclusion, will cost $10-20K, spent over a period of 1-3 years.

*       If you fear litigation, it is strategically better to litigate
with the antenna up, than to litigate before the antenna goes up.  If you
don't know why, I'll be happy to elaborate. However, for this reason, you
should try to have the permit issued to you on a Friday afternoon.

        Here's a true story.  I've had breakfast with a guy in the land
clearing business and he related this one.  He was hired to clear some
land.  The last approval to construct a golf course was received on a
Thursday night.  He brought in a crew and started cutting down trees on
Friday.  They worked all day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  Monday night,
the Conservation Commission (which did not have jurisdiction in the
matter), meeting in regular session, discussed the 
permit grant made the previous Thursday night by another Town Board and
issued a letter to the Town Executive Secretary, asking the Executive
Secretary to call the developer and ask him to hold off while the
Conservation Commission decided whether or not it wanted to review the
matter for "policy reasons."

        Two hours later the Executive Secretary was on the phone with the
developer, receiving the news that the land clearing was almost complete
-- for the entire 18 holes.

        Nothing further happened on the question of land clearing

Fred Hopengarten, K1VR
Six Willarch Road; Lincoln, MA 01773-5105
617/259-0088; e-mail: or

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Hi Fred...
   You would love my story.....  After getting my permit for the 150' 
rotating tower, I put it all up, including the 6 el 20, 4 el 40 and 
rotating 80M dipole (at the top) all one SATURDAY MORNING.  No one could 
even start complaining to the County because it was a weekend.  As it 
turned out, the nearby neighbors over a period of several years 
complemented me on the "great show" I gave them to watch.  The entire 
system was installed with a helicopter.
   The NCDXC has a VHS video in their library you can borrow if you like 
which documents the installation.  It's called "Looking up in Rio Linda".
   The helicopter was cheaper than a crane, and I didn't want to chance 
complaints to the County Supervisors by putting it up a section at a time

with a gin pole over a period of weeks.
   73, Jay

> I am presently counsel in a case where the ham would have his antenna
> today if he'd built right away, but he waited half a year until the bad
> weather was over before beginning.

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