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[TowerTalk] 2 SPACED DIPOLES FOR 80.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 2 SPACED DIPOLES FOR 80.
From: (JC Smith)
Date: 13 Mar 1997 09:59:36 GMT
Wow, great idea for a field day antenna.  If you have tried or modeled this
one please reply to the group as well as to Carlos.

Carlos Augusto S. Pereira asked:

>Does anyone know if the following idea below works for 80m?

Two dipoles at 10m, one being the director of the other. The space between
could be 15m. According to the EZNEC, there is a forward gain and the
antenna has some gain at 30 degrees with the advantage of providing a F/B
ratio (important to avoid the  LU QRM). ALso according to the model the
antenna does not have gain at 90 degrees. It sounds that the antenna does
not receive a lot of noise from thunder storms as the dipole does. It looks
like a low two el.beam for 80 meters. Please pay attention that the dipoles
are not connected and they both use balun 1:1.

Thank you and 73, 

Carlos - PY1CAS

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