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[TowerTalk] Bidirectional-Beverages AND V-Beams

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Bidirectional-Beverages AND V-Beams
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Date: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 19:58:22 -0500 (EST)
Have you any experience with a two wire/bi directional beverage...or long
legged vees?

The wonderful new neighbor of W1CW and W1YL has just purchased 80 acres of
grazing land that butts against the West edge of their property.  Before we
even had a chance to get the hutzpa together to ask they said - "oh, and if
you guys wanna put any of your antennas in there go ahead".............yes, TH

The mucky property is to the West and the main goal for us Florida aligators
is a Euro/NE beverage.  It will be okay to run something along that "45
degree" line but traditional beverages I have used have all been fed at the
end away from the desired direction, with a terminating resistor at the end
of the beverage that is closest to the desired direction.

Feeding the the new beverage from the Euro/NE end would be relatively easily
accomplished..........feeding it at the traditional far end will mean a very
LONG feedline which will potentially fall prey to the grazing and fertilizing
AC0W and KM0O the way, this property borders on Muck Pond Road,
you can guess what kinda muck they mean!  DON'T FALL DOWN!

The far (West) boundry of my new best friends' aquisition has gotta be a good
quarter mile away....I think we can run a 1000 foot wire with no
problem.....perhaps you now sense my enthusiasm, eh?

Especially if you have had a chance to do both feeds on the same run - please
gimme a shout - I will be very interested in your feedback - did you find the
bidirectional just wasn't as good, etc!  Note, my goal is not a birectional
beverage, BUT, feeding it from the EU end means (I think) we will have to
settle on a bidirectional version .........time to re-read ON4UN's summary.

Another opportunity this neighbors pleasant aquisition presents is for us to
run a Vee-Beam with the two "bottom" / "far" ends in his lot, the center/top
could be up at about 100 foot, the bisector of the legs could be pointed at
EU...if you have had any experience with this type of antenna - your thoughts
as well, please. Also, if you have successfully used this type of antenna
with a non-balanced line feeder, how did you do it....with a balun at the
feedpoint, down form the feed by XX feet????

Now, if I can just hit lotto tonight, even a partial, I can fund some really
big TRANSMITTING stuff in that neighbor's pasture!  

Lord, let our finals be clean, and may our RF never upset this wonderful new
neighbor.....since it is grazing land - should I give up beef

Soon to be able to hear on the low bands,

Jim, K4OverJoyed

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