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[TowerTalk] Antenna Modeling Programs

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Antenna Modeling Programs
From: (JC Smith)
Date: 15 Mar 1997 18:45:57 GMT
>> Interesting.  I wonder why it is that there does seem to be a diffeence
>> the wire is being used as the center conductor in coax cable.  Eg: the
>> difference in performance between LMR-400 and LMR-400 ultra flex.  The
>> stranded wire should have more surface area and thus better performance,
>> the opposite is aparently true.  Then when you go from the 7 strand to the
>> strand center conductor (if you can find it) the performance supposedly
>> back to near that of the solid wire.

>19 conductor stranded will have less exposed surface area than 7
>conductor.  Here, count only the out exposed surfrace, not the surface of
>each wire.  Smaller diameter strands means smaller undulations in the
>outer surface in contact with the dielectric; a closer approximation of
>solid wire.

LB, thanks for replying.  This is logical, and easy to see.  What I don't
understand is why this gives lower losses.  I thought you got lower losses by
increasing the surface area.  (Yes, there is more to it than that, but all
else being equal...  ?) - JC

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