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Subject: [TowerTalk] TowerTalk digests
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Date: Sun, 16 Mar 1997 23:43:25 -0500 (EST)
Digests seem to be working.  Here are some operator notes:

1.  Messages are added to the digest every time one is sent to the
    main list.

2.  Digests are mailed out at 11:45 p.m. EST every night, if a message
    was posted to the list in the previous 24 hours.  Digests are
    broken up into 40K character chunks.  In other words, if the day's
    mail is 60K characters, two digests will be sent - one 40K and
    another 20K.

3.  People who subscribe to the -digest list *only* can still post to
    the main list.  All of the lists are open, except for cq-contest,
    so I have added the -digest list as allowed posters.

4.  People should probably subscribe to the list or the digest, but
    not both, unless they want all the extra mail.

5.  You might want to consider adding information about the digest to
    the info sheet for your list.  It's easy to edit the file, send a
    message to list-request that says "info password" where "password"
    is your list password.  Edit the message you get back, then send
    it back to list-request with the command "newinfo password" at the
    top of the message body.  Make sure you E-mail client doesn't
    append a signature.

    I'll take care of the info sheet for cq-contest, since it's
    derived from a web page.

6.  The digests themselves are archived with names like vVV.nNNN where
    VV is the volume number and NNN is the issue number.  These
    indices are stored in the list-digest.config file.  The issue
    number updates automatically, but the volume number doesn't.

    You can see the digest archives by sending a "index" command to

    You can fetch a digest archive by sending a message to that says "GET v01.n001"
    or something similar, depending on volume/issue number.

7.  All digests have a Reply-to: header which is the main list
    address (i.e.  If a person replies to
    the digest, he replies to the whole list.  You can NOT send mail
    to - that address doesn't exist.
    Digest modifies the From: field so it's invalid.

8.  Some E-mail clients have the ability to "burst" a digest into
    individual messages (my Unix client at work does, don't know
    about others).  Tell people to read their manuals to see if this
    feature is supported in their client.

9.  Each digest is owned by the same person who owns the main list.  That
    way the same person gets bounces, etc.

10. Announcements ("No action required on your part") are turned ON
    for each digest.  Let me know if you want this turned off.

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