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[TowerTalk] Re: Again OWL,BIRDS & Antenna Video

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Again OWL,BIRDS & Antenna Video
From: (Reinaldo Leandro)
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 12:00:36 -0400
Dear Friends:

Here is a summary of answers regarding sources of owls.
From: Dale Martin <>

I found one at a store called Brookstone many years ago.  Brookstone
was in the Galleria Shopping Mall here in Houston, but I am sure they
are a chain and are located elsewhere in (and out of) the U.S.--maybe
Miami has one...


Dale Martin, KG5U


from: Dave Wright <>

Greetings Reinaldo, 

I have seen these owls for sale at any Ham Radio Outlet location.  I
believe there are some 15 or so locations in the USA.   I hope you are
near one of the locations...

Gud Luk DX de Dave KB6JOX


From: "Doug Robbins" <>
Reinaldo - 

     The owl can be purchased from Ham Radio Outlet (HRO).
They cost U.S.$19.95 plus local sales tax at the store where
you buy it.  (There may be no tax if mail ordered).
     If you are still in Miami, the closest HRO is in Atlanta, GA.
Their toll-free number is 1-800-444-7927 and they are open from
10:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. every day except Sunday (when they
are closed.)  Even if you're not still in Miami you can order
through this store.

Doug - W2DR



     Reinaldo, I think I can find the supplier of the plastic owls.
     Don't have the catalog with me - I am at work. They are very 
     realistic and I bought two. One sits on my roof near a 50ft
     tower attached to the house. The other is at the top of my 80ft.
     free-standing tower. However,they don't seem to scare the birds 
     worth a damn! John N3HBX.


From: Larry Lindblom <>

Here in the USA the Owls are available at most "lawn and garden stores"
or some of the "farm stores."  Use them to scare other animals from
eating all the gardn vegtables or fruit.  Often cheaper at the farm
store than a garden store.  Usually no farm stores in the big cities so
if you'fe going to be in Miami try one or two of the lawn and garden
type places.  
73, wa0etc
Larry Lindblom


 Sponsored by Akorn Access, Inc & N4VJ / K4AAAHi Reinaldo. Ham Radio Outlet
(HRO) has the owls for sale for $19.95
on page 105 of their Fall/Winter 1996 catalog. If you tell me what 
part of the USA you will be in, I can give you the phone number and
address of the closest HRO store. They also have online ordering
at if you care to try that. Hopefully this
is the kind of information that you needed. 73s es good dx!
de Mike/W6RW ex-N6NU ex-WB6FCE

From: "Rich L. Boyd" <>

Hi, Reinaldo. 
 I assume you've had many answers by now about the plastic owls (also
called "owl decoys.")  They are often used by boaters to keep birds off
their boats, so they're probably available at marine supply stores.  
I think I have seen them there.  But I know they are available at hunting
and fishing stores - they are used as crow decoys; crows are shot for
sport, though they are not considered a game bird, and crows are enemies of
owls and attack owl decoys!  If you have not gotten a name and phone number
of hunting and fishing stores, I can get you some.

73 - Rich Boyd, KE3Q


From: Robert Chudek <>

Hello Reinaldo...

   I have seen these owls at Fleet Farm, Home Depot, Menards, Knox,
and other gardening/home improvement centers.  Hope this information
points you in the right direction.

   73 de Bob - K0RC



You can find OWL's specifically for your need in just about any BOAT store.
People use them to keep birds off their boats.  Try WEST MARINE


From: Steve Weisbrod <>

To: Reinaldo Leandro <>

Mills Fleet Farm a large discount store 612-424-9668 in Minneapolis has
OWLS. I have one on my roof to scare woodpeckers away.  It worked for a few
years but looks kind of shabby now. It could use a new paint job because
the peckers are back!

73 Steve W8GAZ

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