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[TowerTalk] "Double" V-Beam Question(Long, delete if not interested)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] "Double" V-Beam Question(Long, delete if not interested)
From: (Jim Reid)
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 19:08:06 -1000

OK,  I have not been able to figure out a switching
set up to feed one ladder line to three V-beams.

But,  en-vision only four wires,  which could form
three V-bemas,  sharing the center two wires,
with each wire 4 wave lengths long,  and at
angles of 50 degress to one another,  such that
the four wires were spread over about 150 degrees
of azimuth. These are fed with the two right most wires
tied together at the near end,  and the two left
most wires tied together, and then fed by one
ladder line! 
Imagine this picture,  maybe you can:  VVV,  now pull the 
bottoms of those three V's together (alomost anyway, split the 
center V!),  merging the two inner left most
lines together,  and then the two innermost inner
right lines,  and you have a total of only three V's,
with four wires, angles between adjacent wires is 50 degrees,

The left side wires, a V looking to the left are 50 degrees
apart,  but fed by left side of the ladder line.  The center
two wires, forming a 50 degree V straight ahead, are fed by opposite
sides of the ladder line,  and the left side center wire
is tied in common with the outermost left side wire.  
The right side wires, a 50 degree V looking to the right are
fed commonly together at the feed point by the right side of
the ladder feed line.

Questions I have are:

Cam this be modeled,  if so by what program?  Answers
looked for are:

What might be the performance of this thing
over a single 4 wave long wire aimed down the center of the
center V?  Performance compared to a single half wave
dipole perpendicular to the central axis of the center V?

Thinking about setting up something, like this,  with the central
V aimed South,  long path to most of the rest of the world
from Kauai!  Mostly interested in 160 thru 30 meters,  with
the wires 4 wave lengths long on 40 meters, or about 560 feet
long each.

>From here on Kauai,  nearly all of the DX world would be
covered by such a thing spreading the energy (in two directions
since V's are bi-directional) over a 150 degree arc.

Obviously,  more gain comes from three ladder lines,  some
how swithed to accomodate the three V's separately.

Any thoughts about this would be GREATLY appreciated; especially
before I go off and order 3000 feet or so of #14 wire and start
to put this thing up!

73 and Mahalo in advance for anyone who cares to look ar this

Jim,  KH7M
On the Garden Island of Kauai

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