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Subject: [TowerTalk] ROTORS
From: (Richard and Carol Campbell)
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 20:35:43 -0800
Hi All

    Almost ready to start purchasing new antenna system but a  last 
minute decision remains to be made.

    Rotor will be turning a Tennadyne t-8 L/P. 18' boom, 8 el, longest 
38', 21' Rad, 40lb & 8 sq ft  with a Force 12 40m dipole 7' above it 
37' El, 10 lb & 1.3 sq ftb. I'm considering the Yaesu G-800sdx ( 17 sq 
ft) and the Create RC5-1 or RC5-3 (PRESET) (15 sq ft).  Both rotors will 
handle the wind loads (9.3 sq ft).  
1. Which one would be the wise choice and why ?

2. What type of wire do they take, no. of conductors ?

3. Do 2 of the cond's need to be larger ?  If so what size for a 125'        

4. Whould it be worth the money to get the next larger size rotor with          
   the idea that it would last MUCH longer ?

5. I'm planning to use RG 213 for the feed lines,  any sugestion on what       
   brad and who to perchase it from ?

   Any help will be appreciated.

  73 de KE6GLR   Rich

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