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From: (Michael McLaughlin)
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 97 06:25:27 PST
Im have played in a few contest and been thinking of upgrading my antenna
here.(Only have a 10/40 trapped vertical)Need I say more!!I came into a
sy36 wilson tribander that is in good shape along with a spare for parts
for a price of 150.00.I am planning of putting up a 80foot tower here in
west texas which poses problems with tstorms
here with high winds 80mph plus at times.I wanted to know if this beam is a
good investment or save alittle more money and get a force 12 c3.also need
to know about a tower that can handle that type of abuse and maybe
wont be to bad on the walet.Xyl cant see me spending thousands of dollars
in one pop.(maybe over a few years
hi hi)      tnx es 73's
        Michael McLaughlin km5bn

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