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Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 10:36:45 -0500 (EST)
In a message dated 97-03-20 01:26:45 EST, (Michael
McLaughlin) writes:

> Im have played in a few contest and been thinking of upgrading my antenna
>  here.(Only have a 10/40 trapped vertical)Need I say more!!I came into a
>  sy36 wilson tribander that is in good shape along with a spare for parts
>  for a price of 150.00.I am planning of putting up a 80foot tower here in
>  west texas which poses problems with tstorms
>  here with high winds 80mph plus at times.I wanted to know if this beam is
>  good investment or save alittle more money and get a force 12 c3.also need
>  to know about a tower that can handle that type of abuse and maybe
>  wont be to bad on the walet.Xyl cant see me spending thousands of dollars
>  in one pop.(maybe over a few years

Hi, Michael --

      First of all, congratulations!  Upgrading from a trapped vertical to a
(any!) yagi is a quantum leap.  You'll have lots of fun with your new antenna

     Second, what county are you in?  State also.  You need to know what the
wind speed rating is for your location for planning and reliable
installation; I can look it up.

    Next, your used antenna (and spare) is a good deal.  It won't work
significantly better or worse than antennas of similar designs and the price
is definitely right.  An antenna of this oldie-but-goodie vintage is towards
the end of its service life (weakening aluminum, oxidation, rusted hardware,
etc.) so I would consider this a short term investment.  It'll certainly get
you started.  Later on you can decide what your next antenna system should

    The Force 12 C-3 is a pretty nifty antenna but for your present
situation, I'd go for the used Wilson for now.  You've got plenty of time to
spend more money in the future.  

     BTW, if you're in the planning stage, one of the best resources you
should have is the Rohn catalog.  It's packed with specs, hardware and
information.  TOWER TECH has them for $5.00.

73 and GL,  Steve  K7LXC

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