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Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 00:01:12 -0500 (EST)
RE cabling rotors:

The best deal I found when I started building our multi-op contest station
was using house wiring for rotor control...if you are using a Ham-? type
rotor you only need 6 wires if you put the motor capacitor up at the rotor  -
tip: pot the end of the capacitor with silcone or similar sealant....then use
two runs of the house wiring, there are two insulated conductors and the bare
ground...since the ground is within a plastic outer jact and the other wires
are insulated it is insulated, too...just watchout as it exits the outer
shield (mebbe slip some spaghetti over it) - I bought one box (250 ft) of
16Ga and one box of 14 having two different gauges it is easier to
track a given wire...and now the fun your Home Depot/Builders
Square/Home centers...on any given weekend one of them will have this stuff
"on sale"...even though it is two runs, the price is WAY cheaper than a
singler multi-conductor cable, and the gauge is way bigger so you don't have
a problem with losses due to run length....thanks to K8CC for this idea - NCJ
circa ten years ago (?) this a run-on sentence?

Jim, K4OJ

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